3 Reasons You Should Have A Skylight In Your Living Room

Your living room is the centre of your home, to make it even more inviting here are 3 reasons you should have a skylight in your living room.

At Roof Space Renovators, we know your home is a comforting escape from the rest of the world, and we can help make yours as fantastic as possible.

With our knowledge of roof space conversions and experience in skylight installations, no matter what cables and pipes are in the way, we can make your dream installation a reality.

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3 Ways a Skylight can improve your Living Room

  1. More Natural Light – You will be shocked at the amount of natural light, even on an overcast day, a skylight can add to you space. Especially if you have restricted window views or periods of limited light in the day a skylight can make an amazing difference. Natural light has been proven to improve mood and health, so adding it to a space you spend a lot of time in makes sense.

    And if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with limited light pollution, you’ll even be able to spot the stars at night.      

  2. Gives the Illusion of more space – Being able to see more of the outside makes the inside feel bigger than it is, similar to how people choose to add in glass bifold doors when renovating an outdoor space. The further you can see, the bigger the space feels.  
  3. Increased energy efficiency – increasing natural light, especially in dark spaces can save you from leaving lights on all day, saving your electricity bill. A skylight can also help keep your space warmer in winter with more sunlight and if you choose a venting skylight, cooler in summer as it will vent the moist warm air. This means you won’t need to use your heater or airconditioner as often, and can save you the cost of installation.

How Do you Install a Skylight?

So how do you go about adding this fantastic feature to your home? Here at Roof Space Renovators we like to make things as easy as possible, so this is our process for installation:

  1. Initial consultation to discuss sizes, styles, placement of the skylight and to agree on a fixed price quote. 
  2. Installation into the roof with correct flashings. 
  3. Opening up the ceiling. 
  4. Framing the skylight shaft.  
  5. Lining the shaft with gyprock    
  6. Plaster square-set the shaft
  7. Return to sand the shaft, ready for you to finish with painting or whatever you finish you prefer.

The installation process can take as little as 3-4 hours for roof only installation, or up to just over 2 days for a full installation that includes framing and lining the shaft with gyprock.

At Roof Space Renovators we stock three brands of skylights, Keylight, Fakro and Velux, they come in a range of models including non-opening, manual opening, electric opening & solar opening. Read more about our skylight range here.

3 Reasons You Should Have A Skylight In Your Living Room

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