5 Things You Need to Think About When Planning an Attic Conversion

If you’re ready to cut a hole in your ceiling you might want to wait and take a look at this list of  5 Things You Need to think about when planning an attic conversion.

At Roof Space Renovators we have decades of experience in attic conversions and want to make sure you have all the information you need before going ahead.

1. What are you trying to achieve?

Asking yourself this question is an important first step with planning an attic conversion as this will determine the type of attic conversion required. Everyone feels as though they need more space, but is it your cupboards that are overflowing, or do you simply need more room?


Do you need an attic for occasional access to stored items such as the Christmas tree and decorations? Or are you storing more valuable items like musical equipment, clothing, baby goods and would like more regular access and/or for the items to be stored in a clean environment.  

Extra Room

Or if you aren’t looking for storage, do you need an extra room such as a study or kids playroom?  Or a bedroom, lounge room and bathroom?

Coming up with a concrete plan for what the space is for, will assist greatly when we start giving you options.

2. How much space is in your roof?

Adequate height is required whether you need storage or an extra room and although basic / budget attic storage is suitable for most roof spaces, a low roof height might limit how accessible the space is to store awkward or heavy objects.

Being realistic about the space in the roof and even having a look in the roof cavity allows you to start to plan the usage of the space.

3. How do you want to access your space?

Do you want to get into this new space via an attic ladder or stairs?  

Attic ladders are a great option for smaller spaces and fold up to take up almost none of your existing living space. 

If you’d rather a staircase, then you need to consider that they’ll take up some of your existing floorspace. Although you will be gaining a new room or two, you will need to lose some existing space to allow easy access.

4. What is your budget for this build?

Each attic conversion option varies vastly in price depending on your usage and fittings you need, but having a clear idea of what your budget is will allow us to work with you to get the features you need in the right package.

5. What level of quality and experience do you expect?

Engaging an experienced company is extremely important, as there can be so much more to consider when planning an attic conversion. Some suppliers will tell you they can complete one, but due to inexperience, fail to consider things such as ventilation, windows, insulation, electrical works as well as the cost to relocate cables, plumbing and ducting. They can also forget the possible cost engineering and building permit requirements.

At Roof Space Renovators we have the experience to make sure, just like our hundreds of existing customers, you have a fantastic new space and that you were aware of all the costs from the start.  

5 Things You Need to think about when planning an attic conversion

Now that you know the main issues that need to be considered when planning an attic conversion, if you have any further questions about the process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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