Attic Ladder and Basic Attic Storage – Wellington Point Qld

Job: Supply and install a quality Attic Ladder leading up to a small, yet practical basic Attic Storage area.

Location:  Wellington Point, Qld.  (We service Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and all areas inbetween)

This couple required some extra storage and discovered our products and services when flicking through a local directory our company had an advertisement in.  Unfortunately for us, when considering storage options, attic storage is not something that usually pops to mind for most homeowners.  One of the most challenging components of our business is creating awareness that our products and services exist and that they are practical and problem solving.  For this couple, the advertisement immediately sparked interest for them and they contacted us for a consultation and quote.  

During a Roof Space Renovators consultation, it is our consultants job to firstly understand the homeowners requirements.  Once we understand the requirements, we can then advise whether we have a solution to meet those requirements AND whether it is something that can be achieved in that particular roof space.  Our consultant will advise the best area for ladder placement and for the storage area required.  Often there are multiple areas within the house where the attic ladder and attic storage would work, however ladder placement is important and a personal preference, therefore our consultant will do his very best to tailor something that works for the homeowner.  In this case, the garage was not the most suitable area for storage due to the design of the roof space in this area of the home, however ladder placement was a priority and the owners really only needed a small practical storage area to work with.  There preference was to have the ladder installed in the garage and was happy with a small 5-6m2 basic storage area above.  They accepted our quote and booked in a date for our installer to return to complete the installation.

The storage flooring was laid around the opening for easy to reach storage from the ladder opening as discussed with the consultant.  Our storage flooring is laid to engineers specifications providing a storage capacity of 75kg per m2 plus foot traffic. 

The ladder model chosen was the Nordic Performance Pine.  This ladder is a quality mid-range attic ladder with a 160kg weight load capacity, double handrail, plastic feet, a quality finish and it comes in two opening sizes to suit most homes.  To serve as a reminder of the load capacity of the storage flooring we place a label on the inside of the ladder hatch, so it is clearly visible each time the storage flooring is being accessed.  See pic below.

The homeowners were very happy with the products and services provided and we are sure this extra space, although small in size, will make a big difference to them, in terms of available storage space within their home.


Helping homeowners make more of all the space under their roof is what we specialise in.  We have multiple roof space storage options to suit all requirements and budgets.  Therefore, if you require more storage, contact Roof Space Renovators’ to organise a consultation to find out how you can start making use of all the available space in your home.

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