Attic Ladder Camouflaged – Brisbane / Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast

Job: To install an attic ladder in the living area of this Brisbane home, making it as unnoticeable as possible.

Location:  South East Queensland (Brisbane to Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast – and all areas inbetween)

Roof Space Renovators supply and install attic ladders daily.  As part of our service, we firstly send out an experienced consultant to determine the best positioning for the ladder and discuss the most suitable ladder for your requirements.  Often when we arrive, the client already has some idea of where they would ultimately like the ladder positioned, however occasionally it is not practical or not possible.  Many homeowners would like to see the ladder installed where the existing manhole is, in the hallway or in one of the least obvious areas within the home, as for some, the thought of an attic ladder hatch and architrave in the center of the living room ceiling can often cause some concern surrounding its aesthetic appeal.  

If you are one of those people, keep reading, we have the perfect solution for you.  

A traditional attic ladder installation into an existing ceiling is finished with an architrave and will look similar to the below photos:-

Once painted to match the ceiling white, the ladder hatch and the architrave will blend in more with the ceiling, however these photos do give a general idea of the finish with the architrave.  For most, this finish is not an issue.

For the more fussy homeowners, we have the following option, which helps conceal the attic ladder hatch whilst the ladder is closed and not being used. This option involves square-setting the gyprock around the ladder opening, eliminating the requirement for the architrave and therefore providing a more clean, flush look with minimal visibility of the ladder hatch. This option will need to be discussed during our initial consultation and will be quoted as an addition to our traditional attic ladder installations.  Please see the below photos of a perfectly square set attic ladder, that would blend into the ceiling of any room in the house:-

As you can see, when the ladder is closed, the attic ladder hatch is barely visible.  Therefore, if the attic ladder is required to be installed in the middle of the living area, this option provides a more discrete finish. 

An Attic Ladder provides safe and easy access to the roof space.  An Attic Ladder in combination with Attic Storage is becoming increasingly popular in South East Queensland, with an array of options to suit most budgets.

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