Attic Living North Brisbane

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We can convert the empty and unused space of your roof into a storage area or living area, adding a new dimension to your home.

Not only is utilising the space with a conversion cost effective, but it also adds value to your home, creates a brand-new storage/living space and eliminates any need to move house.

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Attic Living Conversion

While any of our attic conversions can be used as a living area, our Attic Living conversions can be classed as habitable space (bedroom, loungeroom etc.) by the Brisbane or Moreton Bay Councils, and requires a certified council approval.

Deluxe Attic Storage Area

An alternative to the full attic conversion, our deluxe attic storage room is built the same way as the Attic Living space so can be used as a living area, but it is not classed as a habitable (living space).

A deluxe attic storage room, can be used as a semi-habitable space, so is classed as such (study, craft room, playroom etc).  Although people do use them as bedrooms and additional living areas, they cannot be classed as such by council.

When can you build an attic living area?

There are some things to take into consideration when wanting to build an attic into a living area:

  • roof pitch (height inside the roof space)
  • access point
  • access type (ladder or stairs)
  • budget
  • required size
  • Attic Living or Deluxe Attic Storage Room
  • inclusions (ventilation, attic skylights, electrical works etc)

It is important to ensure that you are engaging an experienced and licenced company to conduct the works.  Attics are all we do, therefore we have loads of options and experience, making the process easier and less inconvenient.

Council Approval for Attic Living Areas

We can organise the lot when it comes to obtaining council approval for an attic living area.

  • The process:
    • Plans and drawings are completed
    • Structural engineer is engaged to complete plans
    • Building Certifier is engaged and sent all relevant documentation
    • Certifier prepares and lodges application with council, approving the plans on council’s behalf 
  • How long is the council approval process:  as long as the preparation is thorough and all relevant and required information is lodged with the initial application – it should take weeks rather than months.  It also depends on council as well.
  • Approvals needed: attic living requires a building permit.
  • What needs to be done: Roof Space Renovators can organise the approval process for you, or you can engage a private certifier independently.

Attic Living North Brisbane

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