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Lacking space is an ever increasing problem for growing families.  A home that starts out being suitable when first purchased or built, can quickly and easily become too small when the kids come along.  The spare bedroom that was being used as a home office, becomes a kids bedroom.  The computer and desk then moves into the living area.  Pretty quickly, the once organised house, becomes cluttered and small.  Then you find out the next child will be arriving.  Sound familiar? 

For this North Lakes family, this was exactly their scenario.  Their home was a standard 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home on a small 300m2 North Lakes block.  They required an office to conduct work from home, however they also wanted to provide their two children with a bedroom each.  So what were they to do?  Extending outwards was not an option due to the small block size and the family really didn’t see selling and re-buying as a financially viable solution, when considering real estate sales costs and stamp duty, in addition to moving costs.  After some research, this couple decided that it was worth investigating the concept of extending upwards.  Most North Lakes homes are lucky to have wonderful high-pitched roofs.  Therefore, what North Lakes homeowners lack in land size, they gain in usable space within the already existing home!  Further, making use of the existing roof space, is an affordable option in order to gain the extra space required, whilst adding value to the home.

For this family, we were able to add a huge combined study and creative studio area to the roof space of their home.  We also built a storage room, leading from the new attic creative studio / study room, in order for the homeowners to store their infrequently used items, that were cluttering the house.  Stairs were built to access the new rooms and a large fixed skylight was installed cleverly above the staircase, to allow natural light into the area below.  We also installed two roof windows into the attic for natural light and ventilation.  The homeowners were amazed with the transformation and invited us back to take photos after the carpet had been laid and the room had been painted.  

Considering what the roof space looked like prior to the completion of the attic conversion / loft conversion, it is hard to believe it is actually the same roof space. 

If you are in need of some extra space within your home, an attic / loft conversion could be the perfect solution.  Roof Space Renovators’ have been converting dark, dusty, wasted roof spaces for years in Queensland.  Don’t just put up with limited space, contact us for an obligation-free consultation and find out if an attic / loft conversion is a suitable option for your home. 

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