Attic Room

The attic is commonly either unthought of, or associated with aliens, spiders, snakes and ghosts. However surprisingly, a growing number of homeowners are turning to their roof space when considering options to achieve extra space. By transforming this wasted space into a fully functional storage area or even an attic room, homeowners are discovering a cost effective and smart space solution.

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Attics in Queensland

Most Queensland roof spaces are currently dark and dusty, wasted spaces that are rarely accessed. The typical homeowner may pop their head up through the manhole once or twice a year when necessary. However, some have never even laid eyes on their roof space. 

Depending on the build of your home, your roof cavity probably looks similar to one of the below photos.

Dark & Dusty, wasted space – Truss Roof

Dark & Dusty, wasted space – Conventional Roof

Our Attic Conversion Options

What is ultimately achievable under your existing roof line, depends on the build of your home. Roof Space Renovators offer an initial obligation-free consultation. Contact us to organise an appointment and we will provide you with our professional opinion on what is possible in your roof space.


Basic Attic Storage Areas

For some, a budget storage area is all that is required in order to store occasional use items such as Christmas trees, decorations and other inexpensive items in containers. Although not an ‘attic room’ as such, a budget attic storage area is the least expensive way to make use of the roof cavity. Further, most Queensland homes are suitable for this basic loft storage option.

Basic Attic Storage

Budget Attic Storage

Basic Attic Storage

Clean Storage Room

Some homeowners are hopeful for a storage option that is a little more fancy. They only require light storage but would rather a section of their roof space be sealed and free from the elements of the remainder of the roof space. This option is suitable in at least 80% of Queensland homes.

Clean Attic Storage Room – Truss Roof

Dust Proof Attic Storage Room – Conventional Roof

Dust Proof Attic Storage Room – Truss Roof

Deluxe Storage Room

If you are in need of an extra semi-habitable room, Deluxe Attic Storage may be the solution. Whilst not every roof space is suitable for this type of attic conversion, many homes are. Homeowners are often shocked to discover how large their roof space is from inside the cavity. A Deluxe Attic Storage Room can be used as a home office, craft room or a kids play/ games room and is accessed via a Deluxe Attic Ladder.

Deluxe Attic Storage Room

Premium Attic Storage Room

Deluxe Attic Room

Attic Living Room

Whilst built the same way as a Deluxe Attic Storage Room, this option requires certification and is recognised as an attic livingroom. Attic Living allows for the addition of an internal staircase and/or bathroom. Again not every home is suitable for this option. A professional in-home consultation is required to establish what is actually achievable under the existing roof-line. If your existing roof space is not suitable for an attic living conversion, we can help you with a second story extension. Be sure to ask us about this option.

Living – Attic Room

Attic Living Room

With all this wasted space readily available, converting your roof cavity into an attic storage space or an additional living area makes sense. You never know, this once dark & dusty, wasted space could actually become your favourite space in your home.

Attic Rooms

Roof Space Renovators’ are Queensland’s number 1 attic builders, with a portfolio of completed attic conversion / loft conversion work, conducted all over South East Queensland. Therefore, if you choose Roof Space Renovators to complete your attic project, you are in good hands.

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