Attic Storage Options – Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Job:  To create functional Attic storage areas to suit all requirements and budgets.

Location: South East Queensland (Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast)

If you are in need of an in-home storage solution, look up!  That wasted space, laying dormant inside your roof, could actually become your best friend.  Think of the possibilities….the ability to clear out the spare room or the garage, conducting a general de-clutter, pre-purchasing Christmas presents throughout the year and having somewhere to hide them….the list is endless.  What’s better, is that Roof Space Renovators have multiple storage options available to meet the varying needs and budgets of Queensland homeowners.  

Our three storage options are designed for varying degrees of storage requirements and each is accessed via a safe and easy to use attic ladder:

Basic Attic Storage – Basic roof space storage is the perfect solution for people looking for a standard, easy-to-access storage area for their occasional use items. The basic storage option is best for storing sealed boxes and storage containers, esky’s, sports gear and other occasional use items such as the Christmas tree and decorations. The installation process usually takes only 1 day to complete (dependent on size) and involves installing a roof space access ladder & flooring suitable for storing up to 75 kg per m2.

Dust Proof Attic Storage – Dust proof storage is the perfect solution for people wanting to store and easily access their items in a clean roof space environment. Dust Proof Storage Rooms are ideal for storing items such as musical equipment, clothing, books, baby goods and more. Our team construct Dust Proof Storage Rooms with durable white-cell wrap, particleboard flooring, an Attic Ladder and can supply and install a number of optional extras, such as roof windows and other lighting and ventilation alternatives. The installation process is usually completed within 2 – 5 days (dependent on size and optional extras) and is suitable for storing up to 75kg per m2.

Premium Attic Storage – A premium storage room, comes complete with a superior finish including gyprock walls and an engineered structural floor, independent of the existing ceiling joists.  This allows for heavier storage requirements and frequent foot traffic.  Roof Windows are installed allowing for natural light and ventilation and additional options such as electrical works can be included. Due to the premium design and build of this form of roof space conversion in combination with the aesthetic appeal, these rooms are commonly used as an office, hobby room or similar.

If you are running out of space in your home, an attic storage area or room, accessed by one of our top quality attic ladders could be the answer. Especially if you consider that up to 30% of the space in your home could be unused space right above your head. With Roof Space Renovators, that much needed extra space is easier to obtain and more cost effective than you think!  

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