Attic Storage Room (with Trusses) – Wynnum West Qld

Job:  To build a functional attic storage room around the trusses in the roof space of this home in Wynnum West.

Location: Wynnum West, Qld 4178  

It is a common perception in Queensland that if a roof space is designed with trusses, that attic storage is not practical. Some even believe that attic storage is not possible for truss roofs.  Thankfully, these perceptions are misguided and we are happy to report that there are plenty of attic storage rooms in roof spaces all over South East Queensland built in truss roofs, just like the one pictured here.   

We met this couple at a recent Brisbane Home Show we were exhibiting at.  They were drawn to our products and services as for them, additional storage was desperately required within their home.  Like most new enquiry we receive, the question surrounding the trusses was quickly raised.  Whilst we are able to provide a quick explanation and show photos of storage rooms in truss roofs, it is always our recommendation that we visit to take a look.  This enables us to locate the best placement for the room and access ladder including the proposed room size and shape, while taking into consideration the trusses and their presence within the completed room.  

Following our consultation and quote, these customers decided on a 15m2 dust proof storage room accessed via our Nordic Performance Pine attic ladder.  

We also installed a hatch door, to provide easy access beyond the room to the rest of the roof space, a Solar Whiz to aid in temperature control within the room and an LED fluro battern, neon wall switch and a double power point. 

The storage flooring is laid as per engineers specifications and has a storage capacity of up to 75kg per m2 plus foot traffic. The clever layout of the attic storage room and positioning of the ladder opening, allows for a walkway along one side of the room and storage between the trusses on the other side. The couple were extremely pleased with the end result. The addition of this attic storage room within their home has allowed them to declutter their living areas and garage, whilst keeping their stored items safe and conveniently, right above their heads.


If you are unsure if your roof space is suitable or even practical for a storage room such as this one, contact Roof Space Renovators and arrange a consultation.  We are happy to visit and let you know what is achievable within your roof space.  


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