Classic Attic Conversion – Sunnybank Qld 4109

Job – To convert the unused roof space of this Sunnybank home into a usable area (playroom, kids retreat, study area) for the homeowners two young girls.

Location – Sunnybank Qld 4109

Once the kids come along, all of a sudden space can start to become an issue.   So what do you do when you feel like you are outgrowing your home?  You can look at traditional extensions, but that means you then lose a chunk of the yard.  Traditional extensions can also be quite expensive.  Another option would be to sell your home and buy a larger home.  This can also be quite costly, especially when you consider the time and moving costs involved, stamp duty fees, as well as real estate sales commissions.  At Roof Space Renovators, we help people save money by making more of the existing space within their homes.  We convert wasted, unused roof spaces into usable areas, providing Qld homeowners with the extra space they need.  We have multiple options for all different home styles and budgets, ranging from basic attic storage options through to attic living options.

For these clients, they loved their home and location, however they desperately required additional space, for themselves and for their two young daughters.  Living in a smallish three bedroom home, the family was struggling for space to be able to spread out and enjoy.  Quickly realising that the issue was never going to go away but only get worse as the girls got older, they began investigating the options available to them.  With the preference being not to move, they searched for options to increase the space of their home.  This is where they stumbled across the concept of attic conversions.  Knowing that their roof was on a nice high pitch, and there looked to be a fair amount of height within the roof space, they decided to visit the option of an attic conversion.

Roof Space Renovators’ were contacted and a consultation was scheduled.  The initial consultation is extremely important, as it is at this visit that Roof Space Renovators’ establish whether or not the desired outcome is achievable.  In other words, not every roof space is suitable for what we call a Premium Attic Room, which comes complete with a structural floor and gyprock walls.  Some roof spaces are perfect for dust proof storage rooms and some only for basic attic storage.  Our consultants are experienced and trained to understand what can and cannot be done and will let you know exactly what that is.  For these clients, they were delighted to hear that a Premium Attic Storage Room was achievable in their roof space.  Their girls would finally have that special area they desperately wanted.  A kids retreat, where they could study in peace, quietly read a book, or listen to music.  

It was decided that a 25m2 premium room would be built, with the addition of two roof windows.  One window at each end of the room.  Whilst it would be one large room, the design incorporated a half dividing wall to provide the effect that it was two separate areas for the girls.  The engineer, the electrician, the builder and the consultant worked together to complete the project from concept to completion.  The roof space underwent a complete transformation, the homeowners remained in the home throughout the entire process, and the project took around three short weeks, from commencement. 

Usually with a premium attic storage room, Roof Space Renovators install a top of the range attic ladder for access to the room.  However, these clients chose for us to only build the room as they wanted to organise the actual access themselves.  Therefore Roof Space Renovators built the room with an access point and the homeowners organised stairs on their own behalf. 

Once the homeowners completed the painting, floor coverings and room furnishings, they invited us back for us to take photos.  They had painted the room in three separate pastel colours and laid floating timber floor coverings.  At the time of building the room, it was unsure as to whether the girls would end up sleeping in the attic or whether they would remain in their bedrooms downstairs.  However, once the room was finished, the girls were very excited to move upstairs into the attic.  

These clients were extremely happy with the service provided to them by Roof Space Renovators that they left us the following Google Review:-

‘An amazing team of professionals! From the first call to the office this company was helpful, quick, honest and reliable. The builder spent almost a day trying to work out a problem with our original plan and came up with an idea even better than the original. They were so committed to making a space that we were 100% happy with and we were. It’s such a great and affordable way to gain extra space/rooms compared to an extension. Can absolutely recommend!!! This company is fantastic’.


If you love your home and location, you don’t need to leave it all behind because you are running out of space.  The solution could be right above your head!

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