Columbus Standard Ladder

$3,100.00 – $4,350.00

The Columbus ladder is a heavy duty concertina ladder made from lightweight alloy. This ladder has a 200kg per tread load capacity making it perfect for commercial applications and/or customers who want maximum in strength and load capacity.

The Columbus ladder has a gentle slope, wide non-slip treads and is available in models reaching ceilings up to 4.3 metres.


Technical Specifications



Heavy duty construction in lightweight alloy

19mm laminated ceiling panel

Alloy and plated metal parts

Plated adjustable balance springs

Wide non-slip step treads and gentle 65º slope

Moisture resistant 19mm laminated casing

Generous sized ceiling openings

Available to reach up to 4.3 metre ceilings

Safety handrail can be fitted to either side

Complete pre-assembled from factory

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