Converting Attic to Storage Area


Are your cupboards bursting? Is your garage loaded with everything but the cars?  Are you using the guest room to store infrequently used items because you have nowhere else to put them?  If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, we may have a solution that will help you free up this essential space.  The big question now is – ‘Have you ever thought of transforming your unused attic / roof space into a usable storage space?’  It is often thought that the majority of Qld homes, especially newer built houses, are inadequate for attic storage due to the roof design or lower than desired pitch.  This is a common misconception and we are pleased to inform you that most Queensland homes are actually suitable for at least basic attic storage, accessed via an easy to use attic ladder.  Therefore, it may be worth investigating the possibility of an attic conversion, in order to free up the space within your home.


Roof Space Renovators do prefer to organise an in-home consultation, prior to providing cost estimates for attic storage.  We need to assess the roof space for suitability and provide accurate pricing based on this, as well as desired storage area size, prefered and required ladder model, ceiling composition, possible obstructions, such as electrical wires, air conditioning ducting etc.  However, in order to give some idea of starting costs involved, basic attic storage including a fold out ceiling ladder supplied and installed, can cost as little as around $2000-$3000.  Considering monthly self storage rental fees cost in excess of $300 / month, this is a rather smart investment.  Attic Storage can be considered a home improvement.  Further Attic Storage allows for your items to be stored in your own home, can be easily and safely accessed and will allow you to free up precious space within your living areas.



Basic attic storage includes the supply and installation of one of our quality attic ladders, battening and storage flooring laid to engineers specifications, providing a storage capability of 75kg per m2 plus foot traffic.  In order for us to achieve a 75kg per m2 storage capacity, we need to batten out the area with the correct size battens and they require spacing correctly.  This is determined by the build of the home and needs to be assessed through a site visit by our consultant.  Basic Attic Storage is perfect for storing infrequently used items.  These items are best stored in sealed boxes or containers.  This storage option does not require a huge and high pitched roof, as the purpose of this storage option is to store items that do not require regular access.  Basic attic storage usually takes 1-2 days for installation, depending on the roof space and the volume of storage area being installed.


The storage flooring installation and weight rating included in a dust proof storage room, is the same as for our basic storage areas.  The roof space needs to be correctly battened prior to the storage flooring being laid, allowing for the 75kg per m2 storage capacity.  A dust proof storage room is also accessed via an attic ladder.  Walls are framed within the roof space to section out the desired area.  This is then lined with a strong insulative membrane in order to enclose the room.  A dwarf wall is installed around the bottom perimeter of the room for strength and we install an access hatch door, so that the remainder of the roof space can be accessed through the storage room.  A dust proof storage room is perfect for more regular access and can be finished off with a roof window or two, as well as hardwired fluro lights and switches.  Items can be stored within a dust proof room, without the requirement of sealed boxes and containers, as this option provides a clean and cooler environment for your stored goods.  A dust proof storage room usually takes anywhere between 3-7 days to complete, depending on size, inclusions and the roof space environment. 


In addition to the basic attic storage areas / rooms that we regularly install, we often install the below extras and accessories, in order to make the installed storage areas more comfortable and usable:

  • Solar heat sensor ventilators for temperature control
  • Fakro & Velux Roof Windows for natural light and fresh air
  • Electrical works – such as fluro lights, switches, powerpoints, tv ports etc
  • Structural floor / gyprock walls – for heavier storage or use as a study, kids playroom etc

Please contact us for more information on our Premium Attic Room options.


If your home requires decluttering, consider making use of the wasted space in your attic.  We can help you, make more of all the space under your roof!

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