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Location: Mount Gravatt, Qld 4122.

What do you do when you need more space as a growing family, you don’t want to move, and a traditional extension is not practical due to various reasons such as land size or budget?  Look Up!!!  This was the exact story for these Mt Gravatt homeowners.  Their children were getting older and they felt they were outgrowing the home that they loved.  With their home being located on a small suburban block, they felt a traditional extension was an impractical option, not to mention…a little expensive.  This is when they started researching alternative options to increase their living space and stumbled across Roof Space Renovators / Attic Group.  The idea of transforming their roof space into a usable space immediately appealed to them for a number of reasons including – value for money, practicality and not being required to vacate the house during the renovation.  Firstly though, they needed to find out whether it was something even possible within their roof space.  They arranged for our consultant to visit to take a look and advise on the possibilities.  Fortunately for them, our consultant was able to easily establish that a Premium Attic Storage Room complete with a structural floor and gyprock walls was achievable within their roof space. 

Before photo – Wasted roof space

Before Photo – outside

At this initial appointment, our consultant discusses the possibilities and gains an understanding of what the homeowners are trying to achieve and their budget.  Although the consultant can usually provide a rough estimate based on experience and past similar jobs, he will need to go away and put together a more accurate quotation based on the homeowners requirements for their consideration.  Particulars such as ventilation options, electrical and plumbing works, access to the room, room size, storage space etc etc can all vary the package price significantly.  These particulars are often changed multiple times according to the homeowners requirements and budget before the homeowners decide on the final package and accept the quotation.  

For these homeowners, they decided on a 30m2 attic conversion complete with a structural floor and gyprock walls.  (Our Premium Attic Rooms always involve a structural engineers site visit prior to commencement).  The homeowners also included a 10m2 dust proof storage room complete with a gable-end window that would lead off from the main room.  A dust proof room allows for storage of items in a clean environment and provides a 75kg per m2 storage capacity.  The main attic room would include two Fakro roof windows, an airomatic ventilator, hatch doors for easy access to the unused roof space, electrical works including power points, lights etc and would be accessed via our top of the range attic ladder, the Stairladder Deluxe.  Roof Space Renovators estimated 4 weeks to complete the job from start to finish.  

The first stage is completing any structural work involved in clearing the room and building the structural floor.  The structural floor is laid to engineers specifications and is a huge part of an attic renovation.  Soundscreen is laid underneath the new floor to minimise the transfer of noise through the levels.  The hole is cut for the attic ladder.  This hole becomes the entry point to the renovation throughout the build.  

Stage 1 – Structural Floor

Next the walls are framed and the roof is lined with the same soundscreen insulation that was laid under the floor.  This prevents sound transfer into the new room as well as helps prevent heat.  At this point the framing for the roof windows is also done.

Stage 2 – Framing

The windows are then installed.  

Roof Windows are installed

As mentioned, this conversion also included a dust proof storage room that leads off from the main room via a small door.  The dust proof storage room is also framed out, including the gable-end window and the storage flooring is laid.  The storage flooring has a 75kg per m2 storage capacity plus foot traffic. The storage room is lined with a white-cell insulation and the window is installed.  A dust proof storage room is an excellent addition to any home.  In this case, its purpose served to ensure that the new Attic Room was able to maintain clutter free into the future.  

Throughout the entire process, the electrician popped in and out, communicating with the builder to complete each stage of his process.  Once the structural floor, the framing, the windows and the dust proof room were all complete, the room was ready to be lined with gyprock. 

It is at this point when the room really begins to come together and take shape.  Most homeowners now begin to feel as though the renovation is nearing the pointy end and soon they will have their home back to themselves and be able to enjoy their new found space. 

The next step involves the plasterers.  The plasterers set all the joins in the gyprock and get the walls to the point that they are ready for painting. 

Once the plastering is finished, the skirting boards can be installed and the floor coverings can be laid, before the room is painted.  These homeowners were very keen to get the room completed so had us install the floating timber flooring as chosen by them and we organised the painter.

Last but not least, the final step for Roof Space Renovators was to install the Stairladder Deluxe attic ladder and the blinds on the Fakro roof windows.  Roof Space Renovators leave the installation of blinds and the attic ladder until last when conducting our attic conversions, as we like to leave our customers with a brand new products upon completion of our work.  If we installed them first or during the conversion, the ladder would end up possibly scuffed or damaged due to carrying heavy timbers and being used regularly for construction purposes.  Similarly the blinds may end up marked or stained during the build process. In this case, the homeowners chose to have the extra wide, top of the range timber Stairladder Deluxe installed to access their new room. 

The completed room looked amazing and the homeowners were very pleased with the entire process and their decision to extend their home into the attic.  This new space has allowed for their home to accommodate their growing family, relinquishing the need to move house.    

Roof Space Renovators / Attic Group received the following testimonial from these happy homeowners:-

‘Any home renovation is messy and inconvenient, but we were very happy to have a deluxe storage room and two storage spaces created for us by Roof Space Renovators. The tradesman treated our house as a home and not just their work place. This made it easier to cope with the noise and dust. We were able to add some creative features (like a window) at a small adjustment with ease so that the attic space has even improved the outward appeal of our home. The floor has been so well engineered there is no sound when someone is in the attic and the attic is very cool with the thick insulation and Fakro windows installed. Communication and coordination was good. The team is very professional. I am happy to recommend this company to friends and family’.

If you love your home and location, you don’t need to leave it all behind because you are running out of space.  The solution could be right above your head!

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