Creative Ideas for your Attic Conversion

Using an attic for storage is a widely thought of option, but we’ve got a range of creative ideas for your attic conversion that will help you make the most use out of it.

The usage options for your attic are only limited by the head height available – although some of the options below will still be achievable (such as a cinema room).

A council approved attic conversion can be used for anything, including livable spaces such as bedrooms.

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Uses for an Attic Room

A standard attic conversion without council approval can be used for a number of purposes including:

1.   Hobby room

Crafters, artists, wood workers and tinkerers can use an attic as a dedicated space for their work. Being able to leave the mess of a half-finished project, hidden up in the attic will make a huge difference to your home. It will leave the rest of your house feeling uninterrupted and tidy, but won’t take away your enthusiasm to complete the task.

2. Library

Literary enthusiasts can find an attic to be a great way to store their books without worrying about sun damage or running out of space. With the extra space of an attic you could even set up a proper cataloguing  system and alphabetise your books. Making it an easy process whenever a friend wants to borrow one or you’re trying to find that special novel..

3. Chill out zone

Whether it’s used as a parent’s retreat, in-home cinema, bar or room with a view, your attic is the perfect place to find a little bit of peace and quiet – especially if you’re in a busy household. Climbing up the attic ladder will be like climbing a stairway to heaven.

Creative Ideas to use an Attic Conversion

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