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Job: Provide a complete skylight supply and installation service for these north Brisbane homeowners.  

Location: Burpengary Qld 4500 (servicing the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane to the Gold Coast and all areas in between)

Even though the entry of this Burpengary home consists of large double doors, the porch and abundance of trees at the front made the entry of this home quite dark.  With the desire to achieve additional natural light within this area, these homeowners began researching their options.  It didn’t take long for them to realise that ‘roof window’ style skylights were exactly what they wanted and needed, however due to having no experience with these type of skylights, they had a number of questions.  Would these type of skylights work in their home?  What is involved? What would the product look like installed in their home? Who would they contact to organise a quote and ultimately who would they choose to conduct the installation?  All very valid and common questions. 

A quick Google search listed numerous skylight companies servicing the northern Brisbane suburbs.  Following quite a few phone calls, these homeowners were able to establish that not every skylight company supplies and installs the glass ‘roof window’ style skylights.  Further, many skylight and roofing companies that do install these type of skylights only install them into the roof!  The homeowners are then left to arrange another trade to complete the internal ceiling works, otherwise all they would have was a skylight in the roof and not be able to see it.  For these homeowners, they desired an end-end-service.  They wanted the same company that installed the skylight into the roof, to complete the internal works required. 

Roof Space Renovators’ are a professional company which holds a Qld builders Licence (QBCC 1305331).  This means that Roof Space Renovators have the ability and are licenced to complete the entire job.  We are also distributors for both well known glass ‘roof window’ style skylight brands ( Fakro & Velux) and therefore have the complete range of skylights and roof windows for both brands available to our customers to choose from.  Our company has extremely knowledgable and well trained consultants that firstly visit your home to discuss your requirements and options available, as well as discuss what the finish will look like within your home, once the skylight is installed and the shaft (internal works) are completed.  The consultant will also provide you with a fixed quote for the job.  If you are still unsure and require additional information, or would like to see the products prior to commencing, we have a showroom in Brendale Qld 4500 with a few of our ‘roof window’ style skylights on display.

Following the initial consultation with these particular customers, it was decided that a large 1174mm x 674mm electric opening skylight would be installed into the centre of the entry area.  This size skylight was chosen, as it was the largest skylight that would fit best within the truss perimeters.  The homeowners preference was for an opening skylight and ultimately decided on an electric opening skylight for convenience, due to the height of the roof where the skylight would be installed.  An electrician was required prior to installation in order for the obstructing downlight to be removed and to wire up a point, ready for the electric skylight to be connected.   

Due to the skylight being electric (far heavier than fixed and manual opening models) in combination with the large size of the skylight, this was a big job. The skylight shaft was also a large and extremely deep shaft, due to the steeper pitch of the roof.  Custom flashings were also required, to ensure the skylight remained leakproof in the colourbond roof.  See below progress photos:-

In just two days, the entire job was complete.  The skylight was installed in the roof, the shaft was built, lined with gyprock and then square set – ready for the homeowners to paint to match the ceiling.  The light it allowed into the home was amazing.  During the consultation process, the customers requested us to supply and install an LED light into the shaft.  The electrician wired this up and added an extra switch.  These customers wanted the large electric opening skylight to not only be a feature by day BUT at night also and it looked amazing at all times of the day and night. 

Photos of the skylight during the day, late afternoon and at night.

Now for some photos of the skylight from the exterior of the home.  As mentioned, custom flashings was required to ensure the skylight remains leak proof in a colourbond roof.  The custom flashings come colour matched to the roof, in order for them to be as discreet as possible.  

Glass ‘roof window’ style skylights have the ability to add to an otherwise ‘normal’ room, a spacious, bright and airy feel.  Skylights such as these, also have the ability to add value to the home.  

If you have a dark area within your home and are considering your skylight options, perhaps a glass ‘roof window’ style skylight could be the answer.  Contact Roof Space Renovators for an obligation-free consultation to find out what will work in your home.  

Remember, we are fully insured, have a current Queensland builders licence (QBCC license no. 1305331) and are members of Master Builders Qld and Housing Industries Australia.  Therefore, if you choose to engage Roof Space Renovators’ to conduct your skylight project, you are not only getting a choice of the highest quality branded products, you can also be assured to receive a superb quality installation service.  We also provide an end-to-end service.  We can complete the entire skylight project from start to finish.

Our beautiful glass skylights allow for natural light and ventilation (if required) and will definitely set your home apart from the rest.  

Roof Space Renovators’ service Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between.

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