Frequently Asked Questions

Access Ladders

What prices are your attic ladders?

We have attic ladders ranging from $465.

Do you also install the attic ladder?

We sure do.  Firstly we like to visit to discuss the best position for the ladder and the most suitable ladder model for you and your home.  At this point we provide you with a quote.  Your ladder will then be scheduled to be installed by one of our qualified carpenters.

Are your attic ladders Australian made?

We have a combination of Australian made ladders and quality imported ladders.

Can I install the ladder myself?

Yes, however we do recommend you have some handyman experience.  Please make careful consideration of the chosen ladder model and dimensions of the ladder, roof type, ceiling composition, and floor to ceiling height, prior to purchasing.

Do you have commercial ladders?

We certainly do.  We have a full range of well-known ladder brands for commercial applications.

Do you have electric operated attic ladders?

Yes we do.  We have models that open and close automatically via a wall switch and/or remote control.

Are your attic ladders easy to use?

Our ladders provide you safe and simple access to your roof space.  However, some have features that make them easier to use than other models.

I’ve got a truss roof.  Can an attic ladder be installed in my house?

We have numerous ladder models and sizes, some specifically designed for truss roofs.

Attic Storage


What roof space storage options can you help me with?

We have three different storage options available:-

  1. Basic Storage Area – this involves installing a roof space access ladder & flooring suitable for storing up to 75 kg per m2. This is the perfect solution if you are looking for a standard, easy-to-access storage area for your occasional use items.
  2. Dust Proof Storage Room – this builds on basic storage, however in addition we frame and construct a room lined with durable white-cell wrap, and can involve including a number of optional extras, such as roof windows and other lighting and ventilation alternatives.
  3. Premium Room – This option involves a superior finish including gyprock walls, a structural floor, roof windows, powered light and ventilation, actually transforming your roof space into a semi-habitable area.

Will I need council approval?

In most cases no, however this is something that works on a case by case basis.

Will having a storage area installed effect the structural integrity of my home?

Simple answer is no.  Our storage flooring is laid as per engineers specifications and the storage flooring is rated to 75kg per m2.  Our structural engineer is always involved before any structural works are performed.  Additionally, Roof Space Renovators are a licensed builder and only engage fully trained, licensed and qualified carpenters for all of our installations.

I’ve got a truss roof.  Can I have a storage area installed?

Yes.  Although every roof space is different, we most certainly can offer our roof space storage options to you if you have a truss roof.  Our consultant will visit and find the best section of your roof space for the storage area to be built.  We can either work around the trusses or we can engage a structural engineer to visit to provide a Form 15 and instructions for how to remove them.

I’ve never entered my roof space.  How can I tell if it is suitable?

We don’t mind visiting to discuss your options.  Give us a call on (07) 38896688 and we will arrange a suitable time to come to you and have a look.

Roof Space Living

How long will the build process take?

This is dependent on the size and complexity of the job.  However, a typical roof space conversion can take from 6 – 18 weeks as a rough guide.

Do we have to move out during the build process?

No.  That is the beauty of a roof space conversion.  Our tradespeople are able to mostly access your roof space via the roof.  Further, given that most of the work is conducted inside an area of the home that is not yet used, the normal disruptions and dust throughout the home is minimal in comparison to traditional renovations.

Who arranges the building and engineering permits etc?

We do.

Will we require a planning approval?

Possibly.  This is something that is assessed on a case by case basis.  For more information –

Where will the stairs go?

Our consultant can discuss with you at the initial consultation some possible locations for the stairs.  However, this is something that is ultimately left to you and the architect to discuss and decide.

If we are happy with the price estimate following the initial consultation, what is the next step?

The next step is the concept stage.  We will require a $3600 (exc. GST) upfront payment at which point we will engage an architect/building designer.  Roof Space Renovators will project manage the design of the work ensuring that the project brief is met and that it is in line with budget expectations.  If you are satisfied with the concept plans, we will then provide a fixed price quotation, and advise you of an estimated commencement date.  If you are happy to proceed, Roof Space Renovators will provide a fixed price building contract and commence organising making your dream a reality.

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