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Job:  Help these homeowners gain more natural light in their dark kitchen / dining area with the supply and installation of a large glass roof window style skylight.

Location:  Brookfield, Qld 4069   (We service the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between).

Not every home is flooded with an abundance of natural light.  We are contacted regularly by people wanting and needing more natural light in a dark room or area within their home.  Fortunately, this is usually something we can help with, thanks to our quality roof window style skylights, which are perfect for ‘bringing the outside in’.  Roof Space Renovators are suppliers and installers of both the Fakro and Velux brands of roof window style skylights.  We are also licensed builders, therefore not only can we supply and install the glass skylights into the roof, we can also build and complete the gyprock shaft, ready for painting. 

‘Bringing the outside in’ is exactly what these homeowners needed.  They had a dark kitchen / dining area that was in desperate need of natural light.  Like many people searching for a solution to a problem, these clients began their research via Google, where they came across us.  They liked the idea of having the choice of skylight brands and also the ability to have the entire job completed by the one company, so they booked for an in-home consultation. 

During a Roof Space Renovators’ skylight consultation, our consultant needs to firstly discuss with the home owner the number of skylights they are hoping for, the desired size of the skylights and the area in which the client is wanting the skylight/s to be installed.  The consultant will then need to get into the roof to inspect the area and measure between the ceiling joists / trusses to determine whether the desired skylight number and size will work in the proposed area of the home.  Following this initial inspection of the roof cavity, the consultant will discuss whether the number of skylights and desired size will work and if not, discuss the alternative options.  If the homeowner is happy with what is possible, the consultant will take a look at the roof, note the roof material, condition of the roof and measure the pitch.  All of these factors will determine the quoted price.

As mentioned, these clients primary goal was to gain natural light in the dark dining / kitchen area, therefore they were hoping for a large skylight and was happy for it to be fixed (non-opening).  During the consultation, the consultant was able to establish that the proposed location was clear of obstruction and the design of the roof would allow for our large 768mm wide and 1372mm long skylight.  Our skylights are designed to be pitched at a minimum of 15° and the flashing kit that comes with is perfect for tile roofs only.  In this case, the consultant established that the roof was Zinc Trimdeck and the pitch of the roof was only 5°.  Therefore, a custom-made flashing pitched to 10° would be required for the installation of the skylight.  Whilst this is an added expense for the clients, we would not install the skylight into this particular roof without it, as it is the only way we could guarantee the skylight will not cause ongoing future problems with leaking.

Taking all factors into consideration, our consultant was then able to provide a fixed quote which the homeowners quickly accepted.  Within a couple of weeks, these clients were enjoying the natural light the skylight was allowing into their home.  

Our installation team is trained and fully qualified in both tile and metal installations.  We install the roof window skylights into the roof and complete all internal works required, ready for you to simply paint to match your ceiling. We are fully insured, have a current Queensland builders licence and are members of Master Builders Qld and Housing Industries Australia.  Therefore, if you choose to engage Roof Space Renovators’ to conduct your skylight project, you are not only getting a choice of the highest quality branded products, you can also be assured to receive a superb quality installation service.

Our beautiful glass skylights allow for natural light and ventilation (if required) and will definitely set your home apart from the rest.  

Roof Space Renovators’ service Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between.

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