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An attic ladder, also known as a number of other common names such as, loft ladder, ceiling access ladder, folding attic ladder, manhole ladder, retractable ladder, pull down attic ladder and drop down attic ladder, just to name a few, are becoming more and more popular, as people realise the benefits a fixed attic ladder provides for themselves and for their home.  Most homes are built with a traditional manhole for the purpose of accessing the roof space when required.  In order to actually access the roof space through a traditional manhole, some sort of ladder needs to be brought into the house, positioned under the manhole and then the person pulls themself up through the often small, square hole.  An attic ladder installed into the home, whether as a replacement or in addition to a manhole, relinguishes the need to lug the ladder through the house, provides a larger opening and a more safe and easy way to enter and exit the roof space. This can be particularly beneficial for ducted air-conditioning servicing, insulation installation or replacement, pest control and for accessing plumbing and electrical wires that run through the roof space.

UNSAFE roof space access

SAFE & EASY roof space access

Roof Space Renovators have numerous attic ladder models available in various sizes, styles and budgets.  Our array of models ensure that we have an attic ladder suitable for most homes and customer requirements.  We are able to supply the product to you for DIY installation, however we also provide an installation service.  Our showroom is located in Brendale and we have a number of our attic ladders on display, so you can try before you buy.  The showroom is open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 2.30pm, so feel free to pop in have a chat with our friendly team.

Whilst an attic ladder’s main benefit is that it provides a safe and easy access point to the roof space, an attic ladder also unlocks an area of the home that is commonly unused and therefore completely wasted.  Many people have not actually even had a look through the manhole, in order to understand the extent of the space that is unused, right above their heads.  Roof Space Renovators specialise in not only attic ladder supply and installation, we also convert dark and dusty, wasted roof spaces, into usable storage areas, storage rooms and even bedrooms, a study or other additional living areas. 

Like our attic ladders, we have a number of options for all different roof pitches, home builds and budgets.  We have a team of qualified carpenters, builders, electricians, roofers and plasterers.  We also have relationships with other quality tradesmen which are occasionally required, such as plumbers.   

If you are considering an attic ladder or making use of your wasted, unused roof space, Roof Space Renovators are your ‘one stop shop’.  We only supply top quality products, have a solid reputation and pride ourselves on customer service. 

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