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Is your garage chock-a-block with everything but the cars?  

It’s a familiar scenario for all too many Queenslander’s.  For many Queensland homeowners, their garage is being used to store suitcases, storage boxes & tubs, the Christmas tree & decorations, shoes & out of season clothing etc etc.  Despite being aware that the garage was purpose built to keep cars safe from bad weather, environmental elements and locked away from easy theft and vandalism opportunity, many Queensland homeowners simply cannot fit their cars in the garage, due to the garage being used to store everything else.

Once enough is enough, many homeowners begin researching traditional garage storage solutions in order to de-clutter the garage.  Shelving and cupboards are often installed as a solution to store their items.  Hooray….The cars once again fit in the garage BUT you cant open the car doors in the garage without hitting the new shelves and cupboards.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take long to discover that one problem has just been transferred into another.  

Roof Space Renovators are here to help! 

We have an ‘out of the box’ solution that could help you get your car back in the garage (without hitting your car doors on storage shelves and cupboards).  Roof Space Renovators are the Queensland Attic Storage Specialists.  Our Garage Storage Solutions involve supplying & installing an attic ladder into your garage ceiling, in combination with either a budget storage area or clean storage room.  All the items stored in your garage can then be relocated into the roof space (attic) of your garage, safely, simply and always easily accessible. 

What you have just read, is based on the true story as depicted by this Sunshine Coast man and his home (as pictured below):-

Car parked in the driveway – unable to fit in the garage.

Shelving & racking along garage walls – obstructing car doors

Attic ladder installed into Garage Ceiling

Moving items into new storage area in roof space above garage

Clearing out the garage into the new budget storage area

Neat, tidy, organised and out of the way

budget attic storage option – still plenty of room left

As can be seen, this customer was thrilled with his newfound space.  He was able to get organised and get the car back in the garage comfortably, thanks to our Attic Storage Solutions, which in this case actually doubled as Garage Storage Solutions.



As mentioned, Roof Space Renovators offer a number of storage options.  These options are designed to ensure that our storage solutions can meet most customer budgets and requirements.

Click these links to find out more about our attic storage options:-

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Clean Roof Storage Rooms

Deluxe Roof Storage Rooms

If you are ready to organise your garage or are in need of more storage or extra space elsewhere in your home….look up!  Helping homeowners make more of all the space under their roof is what we specialise in.  We have multiple roof space storage options to suit most requirements and budgets. Therefore, if you require more home or garage storage, contact Roof Space Renovators’ to organise a consultation to find out how you can start making use of all the available space in your home.

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