Garage Storage Solutions

Roof Space Renovators specialise in helping you make more of all the space under your roof. That is why we have implemented Garage Storage Solutions into our range of services. Roof Space Renovators offer garage storage solutions that will complete your garage from the ceiling right down to the ground.

Our Garage Storage Solutions involve lining your garage walls with our commercial-grade panelling system. You are then able to choose from a full range of accessories including shelving, cupboards, baskets, racks and much more that hang from the walls. The Garage Storage System provides you with endless flexibility in your garage. You can move the accessories around and even add more if required.

Roof Space Renovators have already helped many Queenslanders, get their cars back in the garage. Firstly, we organise a professional no-obligation consultation, where we discuss your storage requirements and together we can create a garage storage solution that fulfils your needs. You may choose a full garage makeover, or just one or two walls, it is up to you. Next, we schedule a commencement date, at which our expert installers will bring your dream garage to life.

Depending on the size of your garage, the panelling can be installed within 1-2 days.

Roof Space Renovators are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, in addition to providing quality products, our installation service aims to ensure you receive the highest quality workmanship, minimal disruption during the installation and your home is left tidy upon completion.

I have ordered GarageSmart System and I am absolutely happy with the installation quality and quality of the the supplied products.” 

Ekaterina Nazarova

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