Glass Roof Window Skylights – Brisbane / Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast

Job: To supply and install roof window style skylights, for the purpose of achieving natural light in dark areas with the option of having them operable to also achieve additional ventilation.

Locations:  Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast (and all areas in between)

Whether you require extra light and/or ventilation in your kitchen, your hallway, your bathroom or any other living area within your home, it may be worth considering our glass ‘roof window’ style skylights.  Not only do they freshen up your home with natural light and ventilation, they look amazing anywhere within the home.

In The Kitchen

In The Bathroom

In The Patio Area

Living Room

From the Outside

I’m sure we can all agree they look amazing during the day but how about at night?…we think they look equally as impressive!  

With the aesthetic appeal of the skylights sorted, we are often asked about the quality of the product. Due to the skylights being predominantly glass, some homeowners are initially concerned with potential issues such as hail and the ability for break-ins through the skylights.    

Our range includes both Fakro and Velux brand skylights, with each having slightly different warranties, though both are tested and approved to comply with Australian Standards.  The Fakro range of skylights and roof windows have an impressive 20 year warranty on the glass.  This warranty alone should give you peace of mind that the skylights are hail proof.  However, if you are still not completely convinced, the below video may do the trick.  It was sent to us from a customer that video recorded hail hitting his Fakro Skylights in a large Brisbane storm in November 2014.    

Fakro’s warranty on the remaining elements is 10 years, 2 years on electrical components and 3 years warranty on blinds.

The sheer quality of the Fakro range of skylights is displayed in the below video, where the skylight is pulled apart revealing each component.  In terms of unauthorised entry through a closed roof window skylight, this video demonstrates the security of the Fakro skylights at around the 2min 15sec mark.

As mentioned we also supply and install the well known Velux brand of skylights and roof windows.  Velux is also a high quality product with a 10 year warranty on glass and remaining elements, with a 3 year warranty of accessories and electrical components and controls. 

Both brands are available in non-opening and opening models.  Fakro offer manual opening and electric opening models in a variety of sizes.  The manual opening models can be used within reach and also when the skylight is out of reach by opening and closing the skylight with a control rod.  The electric opening models are operated via a remote control. Velux offer manual opening, electric opening and also solar powered skylights.

Do Roof Space Renovators’ supply and install?……YES!  We provide an in-home consultation at which point we can provide assistance with deciding on which brand, style, quantity and size of skylights would work best and suit your home and requirements, in addition to providing a fixed price quotation for the same. Our friendly consultants are trained on product knowledge and the installation process, therefore they will be able to help decide on the best placement for the skylight/s and the number of skylights required to ensure we achieve the desired appearance plus adequate light and ventilation that you are requiring.  

Our installation team is trained and fully qualified in both tile and metal installations.  We install the roof window skylights into the roof and complete all internal works required, ready for you to simply paint to match your ceiling. We are fully insured, have a current Queensland builders licence and are members of Master Builders Qld and Housing Industries Australia.  Therefore, if you choose to engage Roof Space Renovators’ to conduct your skylight project, you are not only getting a choice of the highest quality branded products, you can also be assured to receive a superb quality installation service.  

See below for some photos taken during installation into both tile and metal roofs.

Our beautiful glass skylights allow for natural light and ventilation and will definitely set your home apart from the rest.  

Roof Space Renovators’ service Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between.

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