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If you are in the market for a timber attic ladder and only the best will do, look no further than the Stair Ladder Deluxe. The Stair Ladder Deluxe is designed for regular use and is perfect for customers who want the absolute highest quality in a timber attic ladder.  This ladder is not only the safest, easiest to use and strongest timber attic ladder in our range, it is also the most attractive roof space access ladder, which for some is important if the ladder will be spending a fair amount of time down in the interior of the home.  

Therefore, the Stair Ladder Deluxe is commonly the ladder of choice for customers who are engaging Roof Space Renovators to build a Premium Room or large Dust Proof Storage Room.  For these customers, they plan on regularly accessing and spending a significant amount of time in their roof space and therefore both safety, ease of use and the aesthetic appeal of the ladder is important.

So what features make the Stair Ladder Deluxe such a top quality product?  For starters, it is an Australian-made attic ladder constructed from premium Australian hoop pine.  It is finished with a double lacquer coating providing the highest quality appearance with rubber feet for floor protection.  The ladder is suitable for ceiling heights of up to 3500mm and boasts wide, deep treads.  Further, it is thoughtfully built to a gentle 57° climbing angle with a full length handrail for climbing safety and stability.  The parts and components such as hinges and springs are heavy duty and the ladder has been built to be completely spring loaded.  This means that it is entirely weightless and can be operated safely and easily with just one arm.

The real beauty of this attic ladder is that it is suitable for everyone to use, from children to the older generation and for people of all shapes and sizes.  The frame is available in two sizes, 680mm and a wide 880mm for the broadest shoulders and ease of storage of the larger items.  It also has a huge 410kg weight load capacity and a heavy duty 20mm laminated hatch that has been cleverly built to actually separate itself from the ladder treads when down.  With the hatch completely separate to the ladder when in use, the familiar knocking of the toes on the hatch as you climb or descend a regular attic ladder is eliminated entirely.

For added security, the ladder comes standard with a metal in-ceiling handrail.  

When considering all the features and benefits of the Stair Ladder Deluxe, it is difficult to think of anything that could have been added or changed to make its design any better.  It is certainly not a ‘regular’ attic ladder.  Its design has carefully incorporated the most important aspect of safety whilst ensuring it has not compromised on its quality and looks, making the Stair Ladder Deluxe the highest quality timber attic ladder available on the Australian market.

Roof Space Renovators regularly supply and install the Stair Ladder Deluxe for customers around South East Queensland.  Our customers are always happy with its quality and performance.

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