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Job: Construct a HUGE storage room in the roof space of a unit at Herston for the owner who works from home.

Location: Herston, Qld 4006

Working from home is convenient and provides great flexibility, however it also requires space.  For this customer, who works from his unit situated in an inner Brisbane suburb, he was beginning to feel the squeeze.  Trying to comfortably live uncluttered whilst sharing his living space with his home office was proving frustrating, therefore this customer began researching home storage solutions and ways to gain extra space within his home.  This is where he came across Roof Space Renovators and our attic living and storage solutions.  Loving the concept and believing it could be the solution he had been searching for, he popped his head through his manhole in the ceiling to assess the size of his roof space, prior to contacting us.  Following the quick squiz through the manhole, he realised there actually was a massive wasted area of his home up there and was positive his roof space would suit a storage room, possibly even a bedroom, so he contacted us to book a consultation to find out what was possible and get a price.  

The following week, our consultant visited as scheduled.  Unfortunately, although the roof space was large, it did not have the adequate head height to achieve an attic conversion for use as a bedroom or other living space, without lifting the roof.  However, it was perfect for building a very large dust proof storage room, with enough head height to stand within the room.  Our consultant explained the proposed layout and build process and showed the homeowner photos of previously completed, similar rooms to what we could achieve for him.  Our consultant also discussed the attic ladder options and required placement, including the optional extras available to the homeowner in order to make the room more comfortable, considering he was planning on using it very regularly.  Armed with a list of notes, including measurements and requested inclusions, our consultant left to do his sums and put together a quote for the homeowner. With the customer happy with the quote he received, there was only one more thing the customer wanted to do before accepting the quote, visit our Showroom and have a look at the items quoted, such as attic ladder, roof windows and the material used to line the dust proof room.  Our Showroom has many of our available attic ladders and a roof window and glass skylights on display.  Our customers are able to open and close our attic ladders & roof windows / skylights as well as climb our display.  We have built a storage floor and display dust proof room in which our customers can walk on and in to get an idea of what can be achieved.  

Following the visit to our showroom the customer accepted our quote and we scheduled a commencement date. It was agreed the proposed storage room would be a total of 30m2 in size with our top of the range Stairladder Deluxe Attic Ladder installed to access the room.  

We would also install two of the largest Dual Action Opening Fakro Roof Windows with flyscreens.  These windows are very popular additions to our rooms, whether storage or living, as they allow for the natural light and ventilation.  The flyscreens are an optional accessory.  

In addition, Roof Space Renovators would install two hatch doors (seen in pics below) for easy access to the rest of the roof space outside of the storage room and two Solar Whiz heat sensor ventilators.  Each solar whiz ventilator works like 21 whirly birds, therefore this customer will be sure to have a nice cool attic storage room.  Our electrician would also install some powerpoints, LED fluro lights and a wall switch, in addition to some cables that are required to be moved.  The photos below are of the almost complete storage room which took around 7-8 days to complete.  

Our customer was extremely pleased with the end result

Dust proof storage is the perfect solution for people wanting to store and easily access their items in a clean roof space environment. Dust Proof Storage Rooms are ideal for storing items such as musical equipment, clothing, books, baby goods and more. Our team construct Dust Proof Storage Rooms with durable white-cell wrap, particleboard flooring, an Attic Ladder and can supply and install a number of optional extras, such as roof windows and other lighting and ventilation alternatives. The flooring is laid as per engineers specifications and has a storage capacity of 75kg per m2 plus foot traffic.  Therefore, these storage rooms are a brilliant way to increase the space in your home.  


If you need storage or another room….Look Up!  Roof Space Renovators can transform you roof space into a storage area or even an extra bedroom.

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