How much does Attic Storage Cost?

How much does attic storage cost? It seems like a simple question, but there are many factors that can go into the cost of any type of building work.

With pricing changes from suppliers every financial year, the uniqueness of each house and different requirements and preferences of each customer, it can be near impossible to give exact pricing. But here at Roof Space Renovators, we’ve tried to give you simple answers to these questions, to help you budget for your dream attic space. 

Because attics are all we do every day, and not just an occasional project, we have the expert knowledge to let you know what you can expect.

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How much does a Budget Attic Storage Area Cost?

What it includes: An attic storage area from Roof Space Renovators includes the installation of an attic ladder and attic flooring (rated to 75kg per m2 + foot traffic)

Pricing from: $1875

Popular Upgrades:

  • Attic Ladder upgrade
  • Flooring size upgrade
  • Fluro batten & light switch

How much does a Clean Attic Storage Room cost?

What it includes: A Clean Attic storage room includes attic ladder & a sealed storage room (storage rated to 75kg per m2 + foot traffic)

Pricing from: $4500

Popular upgrades:

  • Attic ladder upgrade
  • In-ceiling grabrail
  • Room size upgrade,
  • Roof window/s,
  • Solar heat-sensor ventilator
  • Fluro batten & light switch
  • Other electrical works such as powerpoints, tv ports etc.

How it compares to the alternative: The most comparable option to our clean storage room would be a linen cupboard or spare closet, and unfortunately, many people just don’t have enough room to store their extra items in these spaces. So to keep your items in good shape, clean attic storage is a great option to give you back space in other areas of your home.

How much does a Deluxe Attic Room cost?

What it includes:The Delux Attic room includes an attic ladder & deluxe attic room (complete with structural floor, gyprock walls, engineering, insulation, electrical works, roof window)

Pricing from: $40,000

Popular upgrades:

  • Attic ladder upgrade
  • Room size upgrade
  • Additional roof windows with blinds & flyscreens
  • Additional electrical works (tv ports, powerpoints, lighting etc)
  • Solar heat-sensor ventilator/s
  • Balustrade.

How it compares to the alternative: Deluxe attic rooms require no council approval, and can be used as a semi-habitable space, similar to a rumpus room. It can be used as a study, or kids’ playroom and adds a lot of value to a home, for a lot less cost than a full extension or build in under.

How much does an Attic Living room cost?   

What it includes:When purchasing an attic living room everything you need will be included in the initial quote including staircase access, your council approval, engineering, structural floor, gyprock walls, insulation, electrical works & inclusion and roof windows

Pricing From: $120,000 

How it compares to the alternative: An attic living room is classed as a habitable space, such as a bedroom or a loungeroom and adds a lot of value to your home. While it does require council approval, it can be much less expensive than moving when stamp duty, commission and moving costs are factored in.

How much does Attic Storage Cost?

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