Keylite Fixed Skylight

$491.00 – $892.00

Allow the daylight into your hallway, entrance, stairway or other dark spaces in your home these visually appealing Fixed (non-opening) Skylights.

See the sky and experience natural daylight in your home with a Keylite Fixed (non opening) skylight.

The solar control glazing provides 80% heat block for comfort and protection against UV fading of furnishings.


Available in 9 sizes:-

Size WxH (mm)










Technical Specifications

Additional Security – One of the many benefits of choosing a Keylite Fixed Roof Window is that it provides extra security to the occupants of the building.

Integrated Thermal Collar – Unlike other Skylights Keylite’s thermal collar is integrated into the frame. The collar is activated by simply pulling the release tabs for a fast insulation solution, combating cold bridging.

Flick-Fit Brackets – Keylite’s unique Flick-Fit brackets are pre fitted so you can lift the window straight from the box to the roof and simply select the setting for tile or slate.

Recessed Fit as standard – Keylite windows all come recessed as standard sitting lower in the roof than before. No additional cost and Improved Thermal Performance as a result.

Appearance – The Keylite Fixed Skylight is provided with all the same aesthetically pleasing features of one of our standard Skylights.

Low Profile Hood – Keylite’s new hood has a lower profile and features a more sculptured design, enhancing its appearance in the roof.

Glazing – All Keylite Skylights are complete with a warm edge glazing unit as standard. This not only enhances the windows overall performance but also assists in reducing the occurrence of condensation. Furthermore Keylites glazing blocks approximately 80% of harmful radiant heat and approximately 95% of harmful UV rays.

Maintenance – The glazing pane of a Keylite Skylight can be cleaned with a soft, clean cloth/ chamois or non-metal squeegee. Clean water will be sufficient for cleaning the pane

Guarantee – Keylite’s hassle free 10 year guarantee on Skylights and flashings. Keylite’s hassle free 3 Year guarantee on blinds and accessories.


Non opening skylight

Bright white interior finish, painted timber frame.

Weather proof, grey exterior aluminium capping.

Heat blocking solar control, laminated double glazing as standard.

Energy efficient glazing and unique thermal collar.

Flick-fit brackets for easy installation.

Streamlined low profile appearance in the roof.

Flashing included for tile or corrugated iron.

Available in 9 sizes.

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