3 Reasons You Should Have A Skylight In Your Living Room

If you are looking for a sturdy, quality attic ladder at a budget price, look no further than our range of Keylite Loft Ladders.

Roof Space Renovators are attic ladder specialists. We are suppliers and installers of multiple attic ladder brands and models. Our ladders are all handpicked by us, based on our extensive experience within the Queensland market.

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Why Choose Keylite Ladders

Recently, we added Keylite Loft Ladders to our attic ladder range. Since this introduction, we have supplied and installed hundreds of these attic ladder models. The feedback we have received from our customers is positive and generally relates to Keylite’s ability to meet these three (3) important factors – versatility, price and quality.


When it comes to attic ladders, unfortunately a one-size fits all model is not possible. Our homes are built with different designs and styles, which includes a variety of ceiling heights and roof structures. The Keylite Loft Ladder range accounts for this. With models available for ceiling heights of up to 3200mm and a couple of different frame widths, Keylite have ensured they will fit, in most situations.


In our opinion, the Keylite Loft Ladder price sits best in our budget (under $600) range of attic ladders. With models ranging from $449, the Keylite range is competitively priced, especially when pairing price with quality.


An attic ladder is an addition to any home, therefore no matter how large or small your budget, quality is important. This is where these attic ladders have the advantage. The Keylite Loft Ladder has a 160kg weight load capacity, dovetail joints on all treads, a white 36mm thick insulated trapdoor, single handrail and protective feet, amongst a number of other quality features.

In addition, Keylite are that certain of their quality, they provide a three (3) year product warranty on their loft ladder range.

Who are Roof Space Renovators?

Roof Space Renovators have the largest, most versatile range of access ladders available, delivering Australia-Wide. For South East Queensland customers, we also provide a supply & installation service.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder we have incorporated Keylite Loft Ladders into our attic ladder range!


Keylite Loft Ladders

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