A deluxe storage room, comes complete with a superior finish including gyprock walls and a structural floor, allowing for heavier storage requirements and frequent foot traffic.

Roof Windows are installed allowing for natural light and ventilation and additional options such as electrical works can be included. Due to the premium design and build of this form of roof space conversion in combination with the aesthetic appeal, these rooms are commonly used as a much needed additional room in the house, such as a hobby room, kids play room, study or TV room.

If you are running out of room in your home, an attic premium room accessed by one of our top quality attic ladders could be the answer. Especially if you consider that up to 30% of the space in your home could be unused space right above your head. That much needed extra room might be easier and more cost effective to obtain than you think!




Roof Space Renovators’ service Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between.

We specialise in roof space conversions, including supply and installation of roof space access ladders plus skylights & roof windows – tailored to your needs. We are also the Queensland distributor for a range of leading storage solutions including Garage Tek and Hand-E-Shutters.

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