Roof Space Renovators specialise in unlocking roof spaces for storage or for living areas.  Helping Queensland homeowners make the most of the existing space under their roof is what we do best.  With this in mind, we have implemented alternative storage solutions to our list of services.  ‘Thinking Outside The Box’ is our specialty.  

We are now helping Queenslanders maximise the space in their homes by unlocking the wasted area under their stairs.  If you have a closed timber staircase, we could have the perfect solution to help you de-clutter and ease some of your storage issues.  We have multiple options to choose from.  You may choose to unlock this space, however have it accessed by a door that is fairly concealed, in which you would hardly notice the storage space is even there.  Or you may decide to get creative and have it become a feature by choosing a combination of shelves and compartments to store and display.  The possibilities are endless.  Whatever your preference, this wasted area under your staircase could actually serve a purpose and become a usable space within your home.    

Roof Space Renovators are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction. Therefore, in addition to providing quality products, our installation service aims to ensure you receive the highest quality workmanship, minimal disruption during the installation and your home is left tidy upon completion.

Contact us today and organise a consultation with a storage specialist to see if we can help you find that much needed storage solution for you and your family.  Every little bit helps.



Roof Space Renovators’ service Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between.

We specialise in roof space conversions, including supply and installation of roof space access ladders plus skylights & roof windows – tailored to your needs. We are also the Queensland distributor for a range of leading storage solutions including Garage Tek and Hand-E-Shutters.

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