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If you are in need of more storage or extra space….look up!

What many people do not know is that most homes in Burpengary and Burpengary East are lucky enough to be suitable for at least basic roof storage accessed via an attic ladder. 

What may be surprising however, is that many Burpengarian homes are actually perfect for Dust Proof Storage Room conversions.

Premium Attic Room conversions are also a possibility in many Burpengary roof spaces.

Within most homes, the roof space is the most under utilized area under the entire roof.  Why?  Well there are many common misconceptions and trust us, we hear it all.  We will attempt to answer some of the more common queries within this blog and explain our solutions to these. 

  1. It’s too hot in the roof space to use it for anything!  Whilst the roof cavity does get hot, the heat is no different to the average shed.  With that said, yes it can get hot.  Therefore, over the years we have adopted various ventilation options suitable for all our attic conversion levels. These options are dependent on what level of conversion we are conducting and are discussed in detail during a consultation and site visit. Considering we install attic storage areas / rooms daily and many of our more premium attic conversions are used as home offices or craft rooms, ensuring the heat is not an ongoing problem for our customers is important and something that has been an ongoing development over time. 
  2. Structural integrity could be diminished with the weight of the storage or attic room!  Our storage flooring is laid as per engineers specifications, providing a 75kg per m2 storage capacity plus foot traffic.  If any structural work is required or requested, we engage an independent structural engineer to visit and provide us with instructions on how to perform the structural works in order to maintain the structural integrity of the home. 
  3. Truss roofs cannot be used practically or at all for storage!  This is a common misconception that we regularly hear.  Whilst the trusses cannot simply just be removed in order to make a clear storage room, a truss roof can still be very useful for storage.  We have included photos above of storage areas and rooms built in truss roofs.  Storage areas or rooms in a truss roof space require a well positioned attic ladder and a well designed storage area or room between and around the trusses.  Roof Space Renovators offer obligation-free consultations in which we can determine the best positioning of the attic ladder and ensuring the proposed area or room is built to maximise the storage space by taking into consideration the trusses.

Other common questions we are asked relate to required head height within the roof space, as well as questions surrounding existing electrical, ducted air conditioning, plumbing etc.  It is also not uncommon to hear people say that they have never actually even had a look in their roof space and these people are often shocked at the enormity of the unused space within their home.   

Visit our FAQs page if you have any questions that have not been answered here.  Or please phone us on (07) 38896688.  Due to the numerous variables surrounding attic conversions, it is almost impossible to list and detail every possible question and answer.  If you would like to discuss your options further, let us know.  

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