Roof Space Storage vs Self Storage Brisbane

Location: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Need storage and weighing up your options? We have done a little research on self storage prices. Here are some facts to consider before making a decision about which storage option is best for you:-

• Expensive –The average Self Storage cost in Brisbane for 15m2 rental = $324 per month!
• Always driving to storage shed to access stored items (timely & costly)
• Despite being protected against burglaries, these units are not 100% safe.
• Separate insurance policy required for items stored in rented storage shed / unit.
• Unpaid Storage Bills Equal Secured Debt – Unpaid storage fees are made up, in part, by auctioning off the contents of each unit.
• Storage services are a questionable cost – It begs the question… wouldn’t your money be better spent organizing the items in your own home.
• Affordable – Basic storage of 15m2 accessed via an Attic Ladder average cost is $3300 = $275 per month for the first year then it’s FREE forever!
• No time wasted – your stored items are right above your head.
• No travel expense.
• Safe & secure – right at home under your existing insurance policy.
• No unpaid bills or loss of property from debt collection.
• Able to easily access your stored items for organization and use.
• It is an addition to your home.

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