Storage Area in Roof Cavity – Peregian Springs, Qld 4573

Job:  Install an attic ladder and basic storage area above the garage, for the brand new owners of this Sunshine Coast home.

Location:  Peregian Springs, Qld 4573

The owners of this home located on Queensland’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast, contacted Roof Space Renovators less than one month following their purchase of the home.  They loved their new home and wanted to maintain a tidy, clutter-free environment to enjoy with their friends and family and ultimately into retirement.  However in order to maintain this tidy, organised home they desired, they required additional storage to hide-away the items they only require occasionally.  Unsure of their options they researched the internet for some ideas, at which point they came across Roof Space Renovators’ attic storage solutions.  The idea sparked an interest for them immediately and they gave us a call to organise a consultation.

Our consultant visited and quickly established that the home had a perfect area above the garage in which they could utilise for storage.  Following a measure and quick chat with the homeowners regarding the proposed items they were wishing to store and how often they planned on accessing the storage area, our consultant recommended our basic attic storage option. 

The proposal consisted of the supply and installation of a 15m2 basic storage area in the roof space of the garage, accessed via our quality mid-range Nordic Performance Pine attic ladder which will be installed into the garage ceiling.  Our consultant explained that our storage flooring is laid to engineers specifications providing a storage capacity of 75kg per m2 plus foot traffic.  He also ran through the benefits of the the Nordic Performance Pine attic ladder and the technical specifications such as:- it is a quality mid-range attic ladder with a 160kg weight load capacity, double handrail, plastic feet, a quality finish and it comes in two opening sizes to suit most homes.  In this case the owners were able to choose the larger (680mm wide) opening, which just makes taking the larger items through the opening a little easier.  

The homeowners quickly accepted our quote and within a couple of weeks they had their attic ladder and roof space storage area installed.  The installation took one day to complete and before the installer had even completed tidying and packing up his tools, the customer had begun putting his new storage area to use.  Containers, boxes, storage bags filled with blankets and clothing, Christmas decorations, wrapped picture frames, sleeping bags and much more began to fill the area very quickly. Needless to say, he was over the moon.

Helping homeowners make more of all the space under their roof is what we specialise in.  We have multiple roof space storage options to suit all requirements and budgets.  Therefore, if you require more storage, contact Roof Space Renovators’ and start making use of all the available space in your home.

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