Storage in Roof Cavity – Clayfield Qld 4011

Job:  To build the largest possible dust proof storage room in the ceiling cavity of this Clayfield home.

Location: Clayfield Qld 4011  (servicing South East Queensland)

Having just purchased their new home, these homeowners were conducting some renovations of the home before they moved in.  During the renovation process they quickly established that they were going to face the common ‘lack of storage’ issue many inner city suburb homeowners face.  Following some research on storage ideas, they came across the ‘attic’ concept.  Although not a new concept in Queensland, transforming the wasted roof space into a usable storage or even living area, is often not thought of and therefore a less likely considered renovation project.  Further, it is also a common misconception that attic storage is not possible if the home has ducted air conditioning.  For these clients, they were aware of the ducted air conditioning within their home, however contacted Roof Space Renovators in the hope that we could work on a possible solution where they could maintain the air conditioning system and also get an attic storage area installed.

From the outside.

If you are in the market for an attic ladder or storage / living area, the first thing we do is arrange an inspection by one of our consultants.  Our consultants are able to quickly establish what is possible and hopefully work a way around particular obstacles, such as in this case…the air conditioning system.  Our consultant was able to find the best location for the ladder placement and the storage room and was then able to present a couple of options to the homeowners, regarding the proposed storage room size, shape and explain the required relocation of the air conditioning ducting for each option.

Once the owners decided on the room size and shape they were happy with, a second inspection was then organised for us to meet the air conditioning company onsite to explain the area we require, in order for the ducting to be relocated.  Obviously the air conditioning needed relocating prior to us commencing work, and the homeowners dealt with the air conditioning company direct to have this arranged.  

The ducting was relocated to allow space for the attic storage room.

At this inspection, we also arranged our structural engineer meet onsite, as the owners wanted a clean storage room, free of collar ties.  They also wanted the widest attic ladder with an 880mm frame size installed, therefore additional structural work was required in order to install this ladder within their home.  The purpose of the structural engineer is to provide us with specifications we must follow to ensure the structural integrity of the home for our proposed works.   

Extra wide 880mm ladder opening.

Stair Ladder Deluxe Wide.

Following the relocation of the air conditioning system, we were able to commence work.  The proposed room consisted of the extra wide top of the range timber attic ladder on the market, the StairLadder Deluxe.  We also removed the collar ties as per engineers specs and built a 17m2 dust proof storage room.  The room included a hatch door for easy access to the rest of the roof space including the ducting system.  

Hatch door.

We also installed a large Fakro dual action opening roof window for light and to assist with ventilation.  However, this customer also opted for the addition of a solar whiz heat sensor ventilator to assist with the temperature control within the storage room.  To complete the room, our electrician install an LED fluro battern, a wall switch and a double powerpoint.

The benefits of a dust proof storage room are numerous.  They provide a clean environment, separate to the elements of the remaining dark and dusty roof space.  There are multiple light and ventilation options available for installation into the storage rooms to assist with temperature and also to aid in the aesthetic appeal of the rooms.  The storage flooring provides a 75kg per m2 storage capacity plus foot traffic.  This load capacity is usually ample for what most people plan to use it for.  However, we also have a premium storage room option which includes a structural floor, if the load capacity is an option.     

The completed room looked amazing!  The homeowners were very happy and sent back our customer satisfaction form completed with an overall rating of 5 out of 5.  They also added these comments to the bottom of the form:-

‘Col, Andrew and John were friendly and informative.  I would happily recommend your company’.


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