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If you have stuff you want to keep but just don’t have the space for it….look up!

Job Location:  Palm Beach, Qld 4221

The photos of this attic ladder and basic storage area are of an installation we conducted about three years ago in a home located at Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Recently we were requested to go back to this home to quote on the supply and installation of our glass skylights.  So whilst we were there we thought we’d take some happy snaps of the basic attic storage area in action, to show just how much use our customers are getting out of the attic storage products and services we offer.

For these customers, they couldn’t be without their attic ladder and 10m2 of roof space storage flooring. They love the ability to maintain an uncluttered home and have their stored items conveniently located right above their heads.  The main positives for them is 1. No driving to storage facilities and paying monthly rental fees!  2. Easy access to the stored items.  

We often hear comments such as ‘we could never not have attic storage again’ and every now and then, we have customers who have moved house call us requesting we quote an attic ladder and a storage space in their new home, as it is easy to get used to the storage convenience.  With up to 25% of many homes total capacity laying dormant (wasted) within the home, it makes sense to use some or all of it, especially if your garage is full of everything except the car, or you can’t have guests stay because your spare room is chockers.   

Roof Space Renovators install Attic Ladders and storage spaces daily.  Our attic storage flooring is laid as per engineers specifications providing the homeowners with a hefty 75kg per m2 weight load capacity.  We have various attic ladder models and sizes available in combination with multiple levels of storage to meet all budgets and requirements.  Roof Space Renovators hold a Qld Builders Licence and are members of Master Builders Qld and Housing Industries Australia, giving you piece of mind.  Our consultants and installers are punctual, tidy and are committed to an extremely high standard of customer service.    

If you have never considered making use of your roof space, or have considered it but just haven’t got around to organising a quote…..let Roof Space Renovators know!  The process is easier than you may think and before you know it, you could have your very own in home storage solution, just like these happy customers at Palm Beach.

We have a showroom with our attic ladders and storage options on display at – 13/18 Hinkler Court, Brendale Qld 4500.  (Open Monday to Friday 9.30am – 2.30pm)

Roof Space Renovators’ service Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and all areas in between.

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