Under Stair Storage & Garage Makeover – South East Queensland

Job:  To provide these homeowners with a garage makeover including a secure storage space for the large and more expensive items.

Products used:  Hand-E-Shutter & GarageTek.

Location: Warner, Qld.

We see it all too often….home garages chock-a-block with everything except the car.  For these homeowners, they had had enough and wanted their garage back!  It was time for them to get organised.  

Roof Space Renovators’ specialise in converting roof spaces into usable areas, however having an attic is not practical for everyone or every house.  Therefore Roof Space Renovators offer GarageTek storage products and also the more recent introduction to our storage range, the Hand-E-Shutter products.  With our focus to assist homeowners make more of their homes in order to help eliminate the requirement for people to move house, our ability to supply and install these products in addition to our attic storage solutions allow us to meet the needs of more Qld homeowners.  And it was the availability of these products and services that prompted the owners of this Warner home to contact Roof Space Renovators.  

The first step was to visit the homeowners and establish their requirements.  Once we understood what they needed, we were then able to discuss a practical solution that would meet these needs.  For these homeowners, they wanted a tidy, functional garage, however they also needed somewhere to store the larger and more expensive items that were currently taking up all the room in the garage.  Our consultant presented the GarageTek panelling system, which would aid in providing them with an organised, functional and clean garage by adding accessories such as cupboards, shelves, racks etc.  However, this system alone was not completely sufficient as the homeowners had expensive tools and large tool boxes and other large items which they needed to store and preferably securely.  They were interested in including the Hand-E-Shutter product into the makeover, they just needed some advise on where and how.  Due to the layout of the garage and in particular roller doors opening at both ends the traditional use of the Hand-E-Shutter product was not going to be practical.  However, our consultant suggested installing the Hand-E-Shutter roller door into the wall of the garage which would lead into a vacant space under the stairs which were located inside the home.  The homeowners loved the idea and it didn’t take them long to let us know they had accepted our quotation for the works.

Within a few days the cluttered garage was transformed into a smart looking, tidy and functional garage with the installation of the GarageTek panels and the homeowners chosen accessories. 

The surprise was when the hole was cut in the wall for the installation of the Hand-E-Shutter.  The sheer space available under the stairs was amazing.  They had storage galore!  The Hand-E-Shutter roller was then installed securing all the stored items and easily accessed via the garage.  

Needless to say, these homeowners were extremely happy with the garage makeover they received and their newfound storage space.  

Both our GarageTek and Hand-E-Shutter products are top quality.  

More information of the GarageTek products can be found here – http://www.garagetek.com.au/

More information on our Hand-E-Shutter products can be found here – http://handeshutter.com.au/


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