Using the Roof Space for Storage – Brisbane / Sunshine Coast / Gold Coast

Job: Creating roof space storage areas and / or rooms which are easily accessed via a safe and easy to use Attic Ladder.

Location: South East Queensland (Brisbane – Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast)

Are your living areas cluttered?  Is your garage full of everything except the car?  Do you want your spare room back?  If so, you are not alone.  Your frustrations are shared by many.  Finding a suitable spot for everything can be difficult.  Where to put the camping gear, baby items, Christmas decorations etc?

We urge you to look up!  Roof space storage is a brilliant concept.  Unlocking your roof space by having an attic ladder installed in combination with a storage area, opens up an area of the house that is wasted in most Queensland homes.  Extra space is often desperately required, therefore the creation of this extra storage area will enable you to de-clutter and enjoy your home. Sounds great?  Keep reading……………………………………………..

Firstly, be careful.  Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in DIY.  We hear it all the time….’I’ll give it a crack’ OR ‘I know Jared who knows Max who knows Tim, who once upon a time installed an Attic Ladder.  Whilst he’s there we’ll get him to throw up a couple of boards for storage’.  This can lead to trouble if incorrectly laid and the storage flooring is overloaded.  See pictures below:

ceiling deflection

cracking ceiling and cornice

To be clear, our storage flooring is laid as per engineers specifications!  This allows a 75kg per m2 storage capacity plus occasional foot traffic.  Most people find this ample in terms of storage capacity.  When we lay our storage flooring we place this sticker at the top of the ladder as a reminder of the storage capacity of the flooring:

Further, we can build a dust proof storage room using this same storage capacity, or you could decide to take it to the next level and have a structural floor built with a gyprock room.  We call this a premium storage room and it has no weight restrictions.  

For all work we conduct over $3300 we are required to on-charge our customer’s a home owners warranty insurance through the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.  This means that you are covered for 6 years and 6 months, giving you peace of mind.  We are also members of Master Builders Queensland and Housing Industry Association for additional assurance. 

Still interested?

First step…Have Roof Space Renovators come and do an obligation-free consultation.  This way you will know if your roof space is suitable for what you want to use it for and what is involved.  We have installed thousands of Attic Ladders and have multiple ladder models with different features, to suit all requirements and budgets.

Secondly…Be open minded.  In terms of storage, we have to work with what your existing home and roof space has available,  ladder and storage placement is dependent on many factors.  Your roof space could be perfect for exactly what you want and where you want it, or it could be only good for some basic storage with access through the dining area for example.

What about the heat?  We are asked about this often.  We have multiple ventilation options that make the storage area comfortable and protect yourself and your items from the Queensland heat.  Roof windows provide natural light and ventilation and are perfect to capture views.  We also supply and install Solar Whiz Ventilators. These work a treat for helping keep the Attic cool.

Any structural work is not conducted until we have had an engineer visit the site and provide us with an Engineers Form 15.  Whilst this will cost more, it ensures the structural integrity of your home.

The roof space is commonly forgotten and therefore is under-utilised in Queensland.  Blocks of land are getting smaller and not everyone has the availability to build a shed or additional garage.  If you do have this ability, you may fill the additional garage with a boat, caravan or jetski and then still find you need storage space.  Roof space storage is an affordable option, no matter its intended purpose.  If you require storage, consider having an Attic installed.  Roof Space Renovators are the South East Queensland experts.

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