Which Storage Option Is Right For You?

If there is too much space in your home, you’re not alone. Finding somewhere to store your excess possessions helps you to save space in the areas that matter most, while giving you somewhere to organise your things.

There are a few storage options for you to consider when you’re looking for the right choice. Container storage is one option that you might choose if you’re looking for a lot of space and want to get things out of your home.

Warehouse storage is another possibility if you want to store larger items or perhaps you need commercial storage. If you want to expand the storage space in your own home, attic storage uses the space in your roof to allow you to store your things easily.

Container Storage

Container storage uses shipping containers to provide a secure storage space. The container gives you an open space that’s large enough to store furniture and other items that are on the larger size. Shipping containers come in different sizes and can be utilised in different ways.

As well as being used for storage, they have also been repurposed for everything from workspaces to homes. Containers are usually stored outside, and that’s what they’re built for. This means that everything inside is protected. Items can be loaded straight into a shipping container, which can then be transported and stored.

It’s also possible to hire or buy a shipping container, which you keep on your own property. However, this is only possible if you have the space to store the container.

Pros of Container Storage

There are several benefits of container storage:

  • Containers are available in different sizes
  • Furniture and other items can be loaded straight into a container and transported by truck
  • The container can be brought your home then taken away once you’ve filled it
  • You reduce the number of times your items might need to be handled and therefore lower the risk of damage
  • Containers are safely secured and might include insurance
  • It can be a cost-effective storage option
  • Suitable for short to medium storage lengths

Cons of Container Storage

The downsides of container storage include:

  • Your stored items are less accessible than if you were to use some other storage options
  • You might not want to pay for an entire storage container
  • There are fees to pay for pickup and delivery

Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage offers you another option if you want to remove things from your home and store them securely elsewhere. Many people choose warehouse storage when they move home or if they just want to declutter. When you choose to use warehouse storage, your items will be safely stored in a secure warehouse, which might be patrolled by security staff.

People may often think of warehouse storage as more suitable for businesses, but it’s also available for domestic purposes. When you use warehouse storage, things will usually be stored in a lockable module, which will then be stacked with other modules.

Pros of Warehouse Storage

Some of the benefits of choosing warehouse storage include:

  • It’s a cost-effective option because the warehouse space is used wisely
  • You benefit from warehouse security, which might include cameras and security personnel
  • It allows you to remove things from your home so that you have more space
  • Warehouse storage companies can collect, transport and store your items
  • Ensure your items are protected while in storage and when being transported
  • Enjoy being hands-off and not having to manage your things
  • Suitable for medium to long-term storage

Cons of Warehouse Storage

These are some of the negatives of using warehouse storage:

  • You can’t access your possessions while they are in storage
  • If you want to get your things back, you will need to get everything delivered
  • You might have to buy a long lease/contract for the storage space
  • Your storage unit could be mixed in with business storage, and there could be a risk of a mix-up

Attic Storage

Storing items in your attic at home allows you to keep everything close by and make use of the space that you already have. If you don’t currently have an attic suitable for storage, you can renovate the space to turn it into a useful storage space. An attic can also serve other purposes when you’re not using it for storage, depending on how big it is and how you choose to remodel it.

Attic storage simply uses the space in your roof, so you are making the most of what you already have. You expand your home and have easy access to storage space whenever you need it.

Pros of Attic Storage

The benefits of having attic storage in your home include:

  • You have access to the space at all times, so can easily move things around, add things and take items out whenever you want to
  • You save money long-term – once you have the attic space, it provides a lot of value over the years
  • You make use of space in your roof that could otherwise be going to waste
  • Some attic storage spaces can be designed so they can also be used as extra living space
  • You can organise your things however you like, and no one else will have to handle them
  • You can add value to your home by adding an attic space

Cons of Attic Storage

A few downsides associated with attic storage are:

  • The initial cost of renovating your roof space is more than you would pay for other types of storage
  • If you use your attic for storage, you won’t be able to use the space for other things, such as a spare bedroom
  • Not every property is suitable for adding an attic storage space

You have a choice of storage options if you’re looking for somewhere to store your personal possessions. When you want short to medium-term storage, container storage can work for you, or you might use warehouse storage long-term. However, if you want to be able to access your belongings whenever you want, you should choose to make attic space available in your home.

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